Mistakes a Table Magician can make when performing magic

4 Oct

Performing close up magic well is very hard to do particularly when working as a table magician. Many things can interfere with the performance due to the hustle and bustle of dinner service. Given that a magician has many tables to cover in a short period of time the process can seem very daunting.

One mistake I often see a table magician make is trying to perform when people are physically eating. This is a grave error which can make the difference between a set being well received and going completely unnoticed.

Due to our genetics food is impossible to ignore. The caveman did not wait to eat as the food could so easily be stolen by another. That innate need to eat overrides almost anything and even though people wish to be polite the temptation can be too great.


So how does the table magician in London avoid playing to guests who are eating? Well this all comes down to watching the room and working out which tables are most likely to be free at any one time. Generally food being served is worse than plates being cleared but both should be avoided if possible

Most table magician in London are eager to please and want to be seen to work, and consequently want to keep working during their allotted time. This cannot be achieved if guests who are eating are left alone.

This problem rarely occurs for long and although most magicians take a break during main course, the rest of the evening should provide work. The only time a real problem occurs is when every guest is served at the same time by waiters dedicated to each table. On these occasions one just has to get on with it however unsatisfactory that may be.


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